Nevada DMV Is First In America To Work With Feds To Battle Human Trafficking

Dated: 04/18/2018

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"No Child For Sale."

That's the new Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles slogan. Our DMV is the first in the nation to partner with the Department of Homeland Security's Blue Campaign to fight human trafficking.

No child for sale!

While most of us have nothing good to say about the DMV, this is a pretty astonishing partnership. The Feds have trained DMV employees to spot the telltale signs of a human trafficking situation. In addition, the Nevada Driver's Handbook and the Parents' Supervised Teen Driving Guide now include human trafficking facts and tips.

The first to test out the program were actually Nevada's commercial truck drivers. Their program is called "Truckers Against Trafficking." Every time someone renews a commercial driver's license, the DMV hands out a card detailing what to look for and how to report what they see on the roads, in gas stations and at truck stops.

You can get involved. Here are four sex trafficking red flags, according to Homeland. A young person may be a hostage if they:

  • Have no knowledge of their whereabouts

  • Don't have control of their ID like a passport

  • Aren't allowed to speak

  • Look scared, anxious, nervous or submissive

Nevada is not often a leader in something so important. Brava!

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