Las Vegas McCarran One Of The Ten Best Airports In The US

Dated: 05/25/2016

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Airplane delays make flying anywhere even harder than it already is. But believe it or not, airports are actually predisposed to success or failure. And surprisingly, the weather has nothing to do with it!

The Department of Transportation gathers statistics like on-time performance and aircraft taxi times. Then used Big Data to crunch the numbers for the nation's 50 busiest airports for every summer since 2010.  It then compiled a list of the 10 best and worst airports in America. Las Vegas's McCarran International Airport ranked nine.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Airports in America for summer travel with their on-time arrival stats:

  1. Honolulu (96.4%)

  2. Salt Lake City (86.2)

  3. Seattle (83.1%)

  4. Phoenix (82.9%)

  5. Orange County (82.8%)

  6. Portland (81.9%)

  7. Minneapolis (81.3%)

  8. San Jose (80.6%)

  9. Las Vegas (80.2%)

  10. Detroit (79.5%)

Milecards gave each airport a misery score made up of its on-time, takeoff wait and landing wait rankings. Sorry if you have to use these airports with the highest misery score. ( Guess you just need an anti-depressant if you are flying to New York City this summer...)

  1. Newark (95)

  2. New York LaGuardia (94)

  3. Chicago O'Hare (94)

  4. New York JFK (94)

  5. Boston (84)

  6. San Francisco (83)

  7. Philadelphia (80)

  8. Washington DC Dulles (76)

  9. Miami (73)

  10. Washington DC Reagan (70)

Why did Las Vegas do so well? I maintain the airport operations staff understand that when people get here they want to party ASAP. 


P.S. Milecards says June is THE worst month for airport delays everywhere, including Las Vegas. Good luck!

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