What A Home Inspection Can Reveal About A Home.

Dated: 04/14/2019

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A standard home inspection is a visual inspection of a home. Just like you get an oil change on your vehicle, a home needs the same type of ongoing maintenance. The inspection can reveal if things wore out on their own or by improper use and maintenance.  The job of an inspector is to make you aware of the flaws so you have a better understanding of the condition of the home you are purchasing.  However, this type of general inspection can’t determine hidden flaws behind walls or beneath flooring like termites or mold. They can however identify signs indicating these issues and recommend a specialist who is licensed to better evaluate it.

This report can be very lengthy and overwhelm most buyers. But you shouldn’t necessarily freak out.  Most resale homes need a little bit of cosmetic work due to the fact that it has been lived in for many years. A home will have normal wear and tear. Some can have faded paint, dirty carpet, nail holes and even a hole where a door handle hit it.

As a Realtor, I go over the entire inspection report with each client to discuss potential red flags like water damage, electrical & structural issues. As well as any safety issues that may be required to be repaired in order to satisfy the loan requirements. For more information regarding qualifying for a home loan or to get the value of your current home go to www.WrightGroupLuxuryRe.com  or call 702-498-4802.

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