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Tech to Find the Right Home

Tech to Find the Right HomeAccording to the 2018 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, 52% of buyers want help to find the right home to purchase.  Physically locating the home is certainly part

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Amateur photography vs high-quality professional real estate photography.

It’s easy to tell the difference between amateur photography and high-quality professional real estate photography. There really is no comparison, and your buyers will immediately recognize

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Have a Pre-Existing Health Condition? Move to Nevada!

Do you have a pre-existing health condition? If so, Nevada is the place for you.Today the Nevada Legislature passed a new law that guarantees any resident with a pre-existing health condition will

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Bishop Air Service’s Cool Tips for a Comfortable Home

Today I’m joined by Shelly Bishop from Bishop Air Service to dispel a myth about air conditioning that many have been told, and to talk about what her company does to ensure that your home

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